How Much is 5GB?

Now that most cellular carriers have imposed a 5GB data limit per month, how much exactly is that?    We have compiled the following  estimates of how much data many common tasks consume:

1.6 Million Emails   3 KB each (with no attachments)

71,000 Word Documents   70 KB each

33,000 Web Pages Lookup   150 KB each

10,000  Low Res Photos   500 KB each

1,600   Power Point Presentations    3 MB each

1,600  3 Minute Songs     3 MB each

300   3 Minute U-Tube Videos   15 MB each

29   Hours of Skype Video Calls    169 MB each

14   30 Minute TV Shows   350 MB each

5   Movies     1 GB each

You can mix and match tasks to estimate your actual usage.  If you expect to use more, take a look at our Unlimited Mobile Broadband plan. 




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