Resetting Your Router

There may come a time when you need to do a "hard reset" on your router.  If you change the security settings on your router and lock yourself out, do not despair.  This process returns all the settings to the factory defaults that were in effect when you first received the router.  It DOES NOT reset firmware updates, they will stay installed.

Cradlepoint & Kyocera KR2

There is a small hole labeled 'reset' on the router, on the PHS300 or PHS300S it is under the battery cover with a small arrow pointing to it. You will need a small toothpick or paperclip to actuate the reset button inside this hole. First unplug the power from the router (turn off a PHS) and then push gently to activate the reset button, you should be able to feel it "click" as you apply light pressure to it, it is very tactile. The trick of this process is to maintain pressure and keep the reset button actuated as you plug the power back in (or turn on PHS) and maintain the pressure for ~20 seconds. The lights on the router will cycle 2 or 3 times during the process. Once complete allow 30 seconds for the router to reboot and activate.

You will need the original authorization code from the MAC Address on the router to get back in. Any password changes or security settings will also be changed back to factory default.

GlobeSurfer X-1 and Globesurfer III

 The GSIII and the X.1 can be reset by depressing the small switch hidden switch on the device. You will need to gently push a toothpick or paper clip in the hole to the left of the USB connector for the X.1 and to the right of the SIM slot on the GSIII.

To restore factory defaults ensure the device is powered and hold down the Reset button for at least twenty seconds. When the device is reset, you will see all of the lighted indicators turn off   Note, all of the configuration information will be lost when you do this and you will need to reenter this information.  For basic operation the most important setting is the APN information for the carriers network

 3G Lite & Nexaira NexConnect

When NexConnect is powered on and working in normal status, using a straightened paperclip, press and hold the RESET button for about 20 seconds, until all the indicator lights turn off. Then release RESET button, press the RESET button to set up the device again.

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