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Creating a WiFi HotSpot with your Cell Modem or Cell Phone has never been easier!

Coupled with your cellular modem (aircard) or compatible cellular phone, you can create your own WiFi hotspot wherever you may be. If you are using a UBS Wireless modem, broadband aircard or selected cellphone from Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Clear, or Other Carriers, simply connect to one of our mobile broadband WiFi routers and you can quickly share your connection with multiple computers or wifi devices.

Whether your goal is creating in-car internet, access at tradeshows, or just a home network when you live far off the beaten path, our 3G/4G LTE routers can help you accomplish it.   Most USB aircards are supported, and many Express and PCMCIA aircards are as well.   Most units now support 4G LTE, 3G, or Wimax modems!  If you would like help choosing the best wireless router for you, check our link 'Choosing a Router' to the left to compare the routers features.  The newest devices from Cradlepoint include the technologically advanced MBR1400,  the MBR95, and the latest M2M (machine to machine) offerings,see the Cradlepoint COR products, the IBR600 and the IBR650 !

If you are using Data Provisioned sim card with AT&T, T-Mobile or other GSM  carrier,  check out the 'Gateway' devices like the Globesurfer and Mifi, just insert a data provisioned SIM and surf.  For our international customers, we offer the Globesurfer III EMEA or the Mifi Euro devices. 

We handle products from Cradlepoint, Novatel, Option, and Others.   We offer special discounts for most City, State, and Federal Agencies.

 Home WiFi

Want to take advantage of the new 4G cellular speeds for your entire home? With speeds often faster than  DSL or other permanent connections, our 4G Mobile AirCard WiFi Routers can provide access to a number of computers and other devices at the same time. No more passing the modem back and forth between users.    Cradlepoint MBR95 Broadband Router Pictured

Easily Create An Instant, Secure WiFi Network For Your Office.

This is the perfect WiFi router for use in your office. With CradlePoint Technology's latest firmware release for all of it's business class products the  MBR1200B Cradlepoint router will now support five concurrent IPSec VPN connections between 4G and 3G networks.   The MBR1200B can manage two USB modems and an Express modem simultaneously.  


Ultimate WiFi Compatibility

We specialize in 4G/3G WiFi routers that support AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, Verizon, Clear, Alltel, Virgin Mobile and many other carrier air cards or modems. For the most part, these wireless USB routers are plug and play, regardless of operating system, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, or whatever. As a rule, if the equipment you have has wi-fi capability, it will be compatible with most WiFi routers. A few of the Cradlepoint routers support over 200 different modems or cellphones, both 3G and 4G. 

Why buy from us? Our Customers say it Best...

You guys are the greatest! I have never been much to send fan mail or complaints either come to think of it. But once or twice a decade, somebody performs to such a high standard that I cannot resist. I ordered my router at about 4PM on Saturday, took advantage of your free shipping, and it was delivered here in Connecticut Monday morning at 10AM. That would be outstanding service, even on a weekday! I was already at work when it arrived, my totally non-technical wife was able to connected her laptop, our 3PC's and a printer. She had the whole thing humming along nicely when I arrived home thanks to your outstanding tech support. She claims that your tech had things rocking in about 2 minutes. It is just nice to have a real person answer the phone instead of a machine. Too bad more internet merchants don.t measure up! Thanks again, Pete and Patty in CT 5/28/09.

Wi-Fi in a mobile environment: In-Car Internet

In-Car Internet has become very popular of late, even car dealers are selling the 'Autonet Mobile' systems. These clunky systems are designed to mount in a trunk or under the seat, not the best place to send or receive in-car wifi signals. Our 3G/4G aircard routers are less than half the cost, and provide you with a great deal more versatility. Whether it is a car, RV, bus or train, we can help you create your own Wi-Fi Hotspot   RVer's and boaters especially like the MBR95, which can receive and redirect wifi from a campground or marina when it's available.


Remote Event and Kiosk WiFi Applications

Whether it is a trade show, mobile workgroup or gathering of colleagues, our portable cellular WiFi routers can provide reliable access anywhere there is cellular coverage.   Some venues are charging several hundred dollars for internet access for a 3-4 day event.  With our aircard routers you can often enjoy year round coverage for the cost of hardwiring just a couple of shows!

The demands for more flexible options for kiosk applications have never been greater. Kiosks are more portable than ever and require solutions that are easy to setup, maintain and are affordable. Whether in a permanent or temporary location, kiosks, vending machines, and ATMs need security and reliability.

Wireless-n-WiFi offers CradlePoint products that help solve the problems associated with these applications. They are simple to integrate, can be up and running in a matter of minutes and provide secure access to the Internet wherever a 3G/4G (cellular) signal is available. Now a kiosk, credit processing vending machine, or ATM is practical almost anywhere.


WiFi for First Responders

Police, fire and medical personnel are often the first to arrive on scene at any number of situations that require quick, decisive and accurate action. CradlePoint products have been used to facilitate communication in times of natural disaster, rescues, medical emergencies and police work. By establishing a secure WiFi network on scene through CradlePoint products mounted in response vehicles, support teams can easily communicate and pass vital information, even video, back and forth between dispatch and emergency workers.  


Julie L. Says: I was very impressed with this vendor. Item was received within two days of ordering. I called the company with questions on setup, and they were very helpful. They installed up-to-date firmware free of charge (others wanted $15 extra). Great vendor and product.
Jim G Says: Thanks for the OUTSTANDING customer support. This is the third time I have received a rapid response to an inquiry. It is refreshing to deal with a company which is really customer oriented. Keep up the good work.
Vicky Says: Quick shipping, item was setup as described with the latest firmware updated. Great purchase!
Martin W Says: I ordered this router (ctr350) from Wireless 'n WIFI on a Saturday and r/eceived it on Monday! It is one of the easiest setups ever. I had my WIFI network setup in a matter of minutes; it litterally took more time taking the device out of the package than it did getting my network online. Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their 3G network access. Thanks for the great service!
Jean Michel Says: Very Quick, Excellent packaging: perfect seller. Just expensive delivery in France!
GP Says: Awsome Product! Even Better Customer Service! THANKS! WE LOVE IT! A++
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