High Limit 4G/3G Service

New High Limit LTE/3G mobile broadband plan:

Service bundle includes the latest USB modem and MBR1200B Cradlepoint router (MSRP $249.99) for $109.99 per month.   There is a 60GB per month maximum total usage, usage in excess will be charged at $5 per GB.   3G service usage is capped at 30GB per month.

Month to Month

Activation fee $49.99 (one time start up fee)

Monthly Service $109.99 (includes ALL taxes and fees)

Shipping $8.95 (Priority Mail, faster options available)

Equipment Deposit $100 (refunded upon equipment return)

Total LTE Bundle Startup $268.93

Bundle includes a NetGear 341u USB modem and Cradlepoint MBR1200B router.  

Other options are available:


At this time the Netgear 341u is our only option.


Cradlepoint MBR95 $99.99 per month (there is a waiting list for this option, sorry)

Cradelpoint MBR1400 119.99 per month

Other options are available, contact us with your specific needs!

How it works: Once you begin service, your credit or debit card will automatically be charged the $109.99 (or other amount) per month on the same day of each month. There is no prorated partial month charge and your billing date remains the same each month. With our Month to Month program, your service period ends and your deposit is refunded when you return the modem and router.

Click Contact Us to check coverage in your area or to request additional information!

Or you can call us at 877-642-9168

 Terms and Conditions:

1.     I give Wireless N Wifi Inc the authority to charge my High Limit 4G monthly bills and charge the same to my debit or credit card account.
2.     I certify that I am also the holder of the credit card number which I enrolled in this facility.
3.     I certify to the correctness of the credit card details I provided in this enrollment.
4.     In case my credit card limit is not adequate to pay my High Limit 4G account(s) or my credit card issuer does not pay my bill in full for any reason, Wireless N Wifi Inc shall have the recourse to collect directly from me and shall additionally be authorized to immediately disconnect my account.
5.     I understand that I am responsible for the equipment  provided to me by Wireless N Wifi Inc.
6.     I understand that I should advise Wireless N Wifi Inc for any update on my information provided in my auto pay enrollment.
7.     I give Wireless N Wifi Inc  the authority to cancel this enrollment if my card issuer fails to settle my billings on credit card declined transactions.
8.       This authorization shall be on a continuing basis unless cancelled by me in writing to Wireless N Wifi Inc  or by Wireless N Wifi Inc.
9.       I understand and agree that in order to discontinue service, I must return the provided modem and router to Wireless N Wifi Inc at my expense prior to the desired termination date.

Equipment needs to be returned to:

Wireless N Wifi Inc
754 West 700 South #15
PO Box 384
Pleasant Grove  UT  84062

Limited availability!


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