In Car Internet Access

There are several ways to accomplish in-car internet, the most common and practical is with an aircard or modem from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc. By connecting that modem to a router, you can create your own hot spot in and around any vehicle. Most of our customers use the CBR400 from Cradlepoint with a 12volt car cord.

The unit is small enough to fit above or on the sun visors, which is an ideal position for picking up the signal from the cellular networks, and for providing WiFi to devices in or around the vehicle. The unit is very small and portable making it very practical to move it car to car. The aircard will generally cost nothing with a 2yr contract, the router is less than $200.   Monthly charges from your selected Cellular carrier is around $59.99 per month fo 5GB per month of data.

Some systems like AutoNet cost $500-600, still cost $60 per month, and are designed to be mounted in the trunk or under the seat, neither is ideal for receiving or broadcasting radio signals. These systems are fairly limited, the aircard is not removable for use on a laptop stand-alone as in the systems we recommend. You are not able to choose the cellular carrier that works best in your area, you are stuck with whichever carrier the AutoNet people have selected.

A more economical solution (<$150) is the MBR95, which has four Ethernet ports for a printer, VOIP phone, or any other wired client device.   It is quite a bit larger though, so keep that in consideration.   

All of these options still allow the aircard to be removed from the router and used directly with a single computer without the router, great when traveling by air or otherwise with no need to share the connection.

Also available are portable hotspot devices like the Mifi, Jet Pack, and Tri-Fi.   They have internal batteries, and usually will allow up to 5 connections, and are very small and portable.   For information on our Unlimited 4G plan CLICK HERE

If you have any questions give us a call at 877-642-9168

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